Teton USA


Didn't the Teton Fly Reels Co go out of business?

 Teton Fly Reels, Inc. located in CA. discontinued production and liquidated in October of 2008.  Teton USA, Inc. purchased the assets of the original company in April, 2009 and has begun manufacturing Teton reels under new ownership.


Are you going to be making the same reels? I liked the old design.

 The Teton reel is known throughout the industry as a rugged, durable workhorse. It’s simplicity, durability and incredibly reliable drag system surpass those of any other reels in it’s class.  We have  closely honored the original design and continue to build reels based upon these well established traits


Where are the reels made?

All components are manufactured by various USA companies. The reels are assembled in MA. The only off shore product  is the neoprene case supplied  NC with the reel.. 


Can the reels be used in salt water?

Yes. We use Type 2 & 3 6061  anodized aluminum and stainless steel components which makes all our reels usable in salt water. The reels as all metal items  should be thoroughly rinsed with fresh water after use in salt water.


Are your reels easily reversible from R.H. to L.H. retrieve ? 

Yes The reels come L.H. retrieve with instructions how to change. It should not take but a minute to change as it involves loosening a screw, switching over a metal tab and re-tighten the screw. If your reel has line & backing attached and you want to switch the retrieve you must unwind the line & backing completely and rewind it in the other direction.


Do you service the old Teton products that were made in CA.?

Yes. For a nominal fee we service all models Teton, Tioga, Specialists, Magnums, etc. as they use many of the same interchangeable parts. Sorry but we can not service Trinity models as they were of a different design and parts are no longer available. Please use the Service tab to contact us about service.


Do you have spare spools for my older Teton product?

The only spare spools that are available are the Old Teton models 4,6,&8-10 as these are the sizes we have patterned the new Teton USA reels after. These spools will not work on any other models.


Are parts available for purchase for the older reels.

Yes. Please use the service link to request the items you desire. A parts breakdown may be emailed to you if  we needed to clarify which items you need. We will then quote a price and ordering instructions. 


Do you plan to make more models available?

Yes. We just made available a  LC large capacity spool for or 7-8 model which we give the existing reel the ability to use a 9WF line and 175 yards of  20 lb. backing.  We are also reviewing the old 9-11 Teton reel to see if it can be produced in the price range we feel it needs to be.


Are Teton USA reels available at local dealers?

At this time the reels are only sold on line. The standard manufacturer representative, wholesaler,& dealer net work would double the cost for the reels. Our products have been and are mostly sold by word of mouth. By selling this way we have keep our prices low so the average fisher-person can purchase a great product at an affordable price. This pricing make the Teton USA reel one of the best deals in the fly fishing world today. The Teton name and products have been around for over 25 years with most of the first reels still being used today.

How does the drag work?

The drag is the same system that has been used on Teton products for over 25 years. It uses 2 disc drag surfaces that can be totally. adjusted by a knurled drag knob located on the back side of the reel . The drag knob has a detent system to help keep the knob at your desired setting. The reel also has an exposed rim that can be palmed for a fast increase in the drag if required.


Are the line capacity accurate?

 The line capacity has always been a problem as each line manufacture builds line with very different volume measurements. One line manufacturer has over 50 different 5 WT. lines.  AFFTA ( American Fly Fishing Trade Assoc. ) who has put out a spec in which the line are to be made by, only specify the weight of the first 30 feet of the line. This spec. also allows up to a 10% variation in weight. The line length, running portion size and volume are not specified and the lines being produced today are larger that they were when we first built the reels and put lines on them to set our specifications.  We used Cortland 444 line at that time. If you need more backing I would suggest using braded line for backing as it is much smaller in diameter or removing 10 or 20 feet of the lines running portion, the end of the line that attaches to the backing as under normal fishing conditions this part of the line is rarely used.






















Please Note!!! Check out our new 7-8 LC Reel and Spool. To order on line, click on the products you want, add them to your cart, then check out when finished. NEW LOOK ! All reels will now have the Classic Teton logo on the spool end cap. This is the logo used on the orginal Teton Reels.and is found on the reel box and neo. reel case. NEW LOWER PRICING & FREE USA SHIPPING on orders of $50.00 or more. . With over 20 years of solid design history, our 100% Made in USA Teton fly reels have been synonymous with rugged durability, flawless function and classic beauty. You will find no other reel with such an exceptional drag system, high quality manufacturing, proudly made in America, and all retailing for $175.00 or less.