Teton USA

What do fly fisherman think of Teton Fly Reels?  Here is what they are saying:

From New York:

"This one is a beauty! I've fished with it for 2 years pretty much on a daily basis except for the winter months.
I really like the simplicity of it - no bearings but a large stainless steel bushing. The fit and finish of this reel is perfect. I fish mostly in the Delaware river and local reservoirs." 

From Northern California:

"One word to describe this reel would be "solid". Its very light, about as light as a Ross Evolution, but looks like something that could take an accidental hit. They are a bit off about the capacity of line that could be put on there even with a weight forward I got about 75-80 yds of backing on there. Thats plenty though. The clicker is pretty loud, but thats about it. I love the simplicity of its design and the fact that I didnt have to pay $300 to buy a "solid" reel. Its a beautiful reel all in all!"

From Colorado:

"I have used Teton's for more than 10 years in sizes 3-11 on species ranging from trout, salmon, albacore and saltwater inshore species. I also have Nautilus, Ross and several others, but the Teton reels are sturdy, smooth and an exceptional value."

From North Carolina:

"These are the best reels I have used.  I have owned Abel and Ross Reels and still prefer Teton.  My reels have been fished hard and still remain smooth and maintenance free."

From Oklahoma:

"These are great reels.  Well made and reasonably priced.  Made in the U.S.A.  Smooth drag.  I have a 6wt and a 10wt and love them both. I plan on getting a 4wt rod and will use a Teton reel on it also.  I have other reels that I have paid more for but like the Tetons better."

Written by Todd Wichmann — April 04, 2012


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